Woods Whur have over 15 years experience in training for Liquor/Entertainment, Gambling and Taxi Licensing Law. Paddy Whur and Carole Collingwood have been BII accredited trainers for over 12 years, having run BIIAB training centres at their previous firms. They have an enviable training record and also use external trainers to compliment their skill base. During this period the BIIAB training centre has seen success rates in the high 90% in both Public Courses and bespoke private sessions for clients. The firm is accredited to deliver liquor and gambling courses.

In addition we have delivered the training for 80 delegates under the SAB Miller sponsored programme for the BII.

TrainingPaddy has also been the lead lawyer in delivering training to Public Sector bodies, including Police and Local Authority Enforcement Officers. He has given training to elected members in Newham, Warrington, Portsmouth, Wakefield and West Yorkshire as well as training Trading Standards officers on the correct approach in dealing with underage sales.

After speaking at the Home Office National Conferences in Leeds and Liverpool, Paddy has led training events for the Home Office at 13 x 2 day Conferences, 53 x 1 day courses and 16 x 3 day intensive support visits. During this period he trained in excess of 3000 delegates and was nominated for the Home Office external contractor of the year award where he was runner up in the category of best example of collaborative work by an external contractor.

Delegates commented:

“Whilst all of the speakers were very good. I would like to mention that Paddy (his input on the legal stance) was excellent.”

“I thought the legal expert, Paddy, was superb in his answering of questions put forward and was a huge help.”

“Speakers were different in their presentational skills. Paddy was excellent ‘as would be expected’ with an excellent knowledge of the legislation and issues.”

“Paddy was excellent and a very knowledgeable speaker. Worth it just to hear his valued opinion.”

The London Borough of Newham continue to instruct Paddy to review their licensing policies and procedures. Paddy trained the rapid response unit comprising of multiagency enforcement officers whilst providing ongoing support. In addition he has trained members, and newly elected members setting and marking exams allowing them to become active members of the licensing committee.

In addition he has advised the committee during contested hearings and represented the Borough in their licensing appeal hearings. In 2011 Paddy was presented with the Newham Borough Commander’s commendation for services to licensing and reduction in crime associated with licensed premises in the run up to the Olympics.

Please contact Paddy Whur on 07738 170137 or paddy@woodswhur.co.uk if you would like further information.

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